History of the brand

The brand Crina Bulprich started seven years ago, directly after the designer graduated from The Art and Design University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The studies defined Crina’s path in fashion, but also her internship as a designer’s assistant for Lucio Vanotti, in Milan.

The head, the soul, and the hands of the brand    

Crina Bulprich is a One-Woman Brand. She was born in Romania but lives and creates in a small, magic place from UK, called Lake District.

Crina is not just the designer, but also the tailor and the entrepreneur behind CB. She is the Head, the Soul, and the Hands of the brand. 

Crina Bulprich brand is inspired by childhood memories, nature, shapes, art, literature, poetry, and humans:

“Since the beginning of my journey as a designer, from one collection to another, I noticed that there’s always a mix that inspires me, a “mélange” consisting of minimalist sculptures, refined colours, details or works of art from the classical period. There’s always a nostalgic mood in my collections, a particular emotion, something that I lived, or I imagined.” – Crina Bulprich, designer.

The principles of the brand

CB is a slow fashion brand. Crina thinks that every piece of clothing should feel like second skin, highlighting your natural beauty and femininity, allowing you to move freely. CB is about inspiring you to find your own unique story through every item.

 Every item is like a love poem from one soul to another. Therefore, CB uses only natural fabrics like wool, cotton, linen, or silk and create small series. Every product is custom made by Crina, with care, passion, and kind thoughts for the future owner of the item. 

With a minimalistic, versatile, but sophisticated style, the brand focuses on the quality, functionality, and durability of the products created – the main principles that guide the designer’s mission. 



· Romania – Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE. Unique, Glamor, Marie Claire.

·  New York – Jute Magazine

·  UK – Frunk Magazine



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