The Antithesis of Modern(ity) Top

The Antithesis of Modern(ity) Top


Inspired by the intrinsic quality of timelessness to stay modern, these top invites to being both in tune with everything that’s new, while encouraging a style that stands the test of time.

The neckline reveals itself generously with the vertical stitching creating the illusion of a never-ending top.

The classiness of grey wool is in full association with a modern cut. The hidden hands find their spotlight when needed as they reveal themselves through a side slit.

Jean’s Prouve fresh breath of modernity over his interior design approach proves to be a muse for this creation.



I drink from my own long-forgotten inner cup

The rivers of my heart so fresh,

I stand the test of time

and feel so born anew

I re-give direction from an old direction of mine

I walk my morning and midday walks

I lift my hands to seek new places

through dusty shelves

rearranged in lustrous grey racks;


Technical details:

  • Semi-oval, generous neckline.
  • Extra-long sleeves with a interior-side slit.
  • Decorative vertical stitching.
  • 100% premium Italian wool.
  • Colour: grey.

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