Camouflage Trench Coat

Camouflage Trench Coat


The moist moss in fall time. The foggy hills in the morning. The crisp air in the nostrils. The invitation to not disturb this perfect harmony of nature, to blend and become one with it. This camouflage item awakens silently the wanderer within you. It makes you walk the muddy ground, to carry yourself into the world and tune in with the frequency of nature.


These hills,
The moist moss and woody branches,
They witnessed my steps.
And know their sequence by heart,
I know these hills like the back of my palm,
The crisp air in my nostrils
Awakens me to my full humanity.
Nature itself puts me face to face with my nature.
I walk its ground like a deer.
I’m scared I’m prone to disrupt its harmony,
So, I blend,
I become one with it,
My shelter, my refuge,
This whole massive camouflage,
I hid my palms inside the pockets,
Underneath, my tiny heart is beating bravely.

Technical details:

  • Detachable functional pockets meant to work as mini tote bag, metallic ring attaching system.
  • Camouflage oversized trench emulating the spectacular nature views of Lake District
  • 100% synthetic fabric.

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