The Longest Kiss Dress

The Longest Kiss Dress


Geometry of love.

Coming together, two souls connected through invisible strings.

Gustav’s Klimt ‘’The Kiss’’ stands as a source of inspiration for this dress. The asymmetry speaks about differences, variety, the opposing forces, complementarity of personality, taste and forms of expression. The half collar on one shoulder balances out so beautifully the creased cuff. Mediated by a side ribbon with diverse buttons they found their own form of harmony.



This shoulder is here for you to rest your hand.

This shoulder has kept me rested myself,

I placed the beads on your heart in the shape of a ribbon,

I collected them myself,

I created a sacred space.

For us to unfold individually and together

To fully express without any trace of repressed self

Klimt suggested it’s high time we kissed,

Let’s allow these invisible strings.

To bring us closer,

For our bones to melt into each other’s.


Technical details:

  • Two-silhouettes dress: relaxed hit without a belt, structured one with a belt.
  • Slightly elastic fabric.
  • 90% cotton, 10% elastane.
  • Narrowed down sleeve around the wrist.

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