Standing Woman

Standing Woman


Giacometti’s works seem like they know infinity. This shirt dress follows the same volumetries. The extra-long sleeves sustain its length. The hidden metal staple fastening system keeps the focus on this elongation.


Comets piercing through the sky

the ether and eternity

I am aware of my frailty

but I let myself be not derailed from dreams of infinity,

I walk through gardens of endless flowers,

small buds and blooming others,

As long as I am here

the time and space around me dilute

and stretch,

I no longer see where they started or ended,

I feel the goddess of my own empire,

bowing down to greater gods that’ll decide

the laws of length of my existence;


Technical details:

  • Maxi shirt dress.
  • Extra-long sleeves.
  • Hidden metal staples fastening system.
  • 60% premium wool made in Italy, 40% polyester.

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