The Antithesis of Modern(ity) Skirt

The Antithesis of Modern(ity) Skirt


The apparent antithesis of classiness and modernity. This willingness to be constantly in motion, to evolve. A woman who leaves her mark in the world through a fresh pair of eyes balanced by steadiness and relevance in time and through time.

The elongated slit lets her move, feel the energy of space. The relaxed elastic waistband gives her malleability.

Her young ideas feel like they were born today. Jean Prouve’s vision exudes the same energy. Created a long time ago in the past, but when looked at from a present moment, they still hold great relevance. That’s the core source of inspiration for this skirt.


To make no noise while cutting metal

To sculpt in silence the non-conventional sculpting wool

To sit by the old rivers and feel no flows of life

To be in constant motion without exhaustion

To sip from cups of old selves

and resurface modern, reimagined

alter egos;


Technical details:

  • Side slit.
  • Elastic waistband.
  • Decorative vertical stitching.
  • 100% premium Italian wool.
  • Colour: grey.

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