Large Flower Vase Wool Dress

Large Flower Vase Wool Dress


There was an invisible spotlight that illuminated the vases kept in my atelier. Hours and days later it translated into a vase-shaped bag. A specific vase I had in mind. The vase itself found a new iteration through a dress. It asked for the same sculpting process facilitated by a dense wool. Deep neckline for various layering.


The withered flowers

in my window

leave a stronger fragrance

than the fresh ones you once brought me.

No shying away from my clear-cut ideas

You might found them rigid,

they’re well-distilled;

This vase I hold with withered flowers

needs no sun, no water,

yet it thrives

it stands the test of time,

it keeps me grounded,

I found stronger roots in unexpected fabrics

of mine, of this newfound world

I fully inhibit it all by myself;


Technical details:

  • Deep neckline.
  • Symmetric neck-bottom stitching.
  • Structured cut sustained by a dense wool.
  • Vase-shaped bag included, easily to be styled with something else.
  • Structured cut sustained by a dense wool.
  • 100% wool made in England.

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